3422012-portuguese-flag-with-ripples-illustration Home of the Portuguese Golfers in South Africa...
Redskins Golf was founded in 1987.


In the begining ...

Cesar Henriques 

We have been blessed with the good fortune of being healthy and comfortable enough to be able to play this wonderful sport. With this in mind and being the person that he is, Jock Lopes inspired us to give back to our community, by being generous and humble.

In earlly 2005, Jock planted this seed in our minds: that we should INVEST in setting up a Redskins Charity Golf Day but not just to raise funds and give it willy nilly to an existing charity organisation. That would be easy! Jock was adamant that the funds raised would be used directly for the beneficiary. We would not donate cash to anyone or any organisation, we wanted to help directly by contributing and settling the beneficiaries creditor, relieving them of a pressing financial burden or being able to purchase or supply something in desperate need. This was his dream and vision ... and so it started!

Frank Juskiewitz

At this juncture came in Tony Netto, probably the most inspiring man I have ever met, nothing was too big for this guy. He understood Jock Lopes passion and vision and Tony took this neighbourly love and setup a charter and the parameters to which future committees should adhere too. We have now instilled and entrenched, within our committees, this understanding of how our funds are to be managed and distributed. The current committees would be responsible for the distribution and allocations of the funds, working within this charter. 

God is BIG and he liked our idea so he introduced us to another saintly lady, Clarisse Magalhaes, who tirelessly gives of her own time to investigate and evaluate each and every case we send her way. Between Clarisse and Tony they tackle every case with a gusto for life and enthusiasm that one cannot describe with words.