Redskins-web-image-11. NAME

The name of the Club is Redskins Golf (hereinafter referred to as "Redskins")


2.1 It is specifically recorded that the name "Redskins Golf" and the logo cannot be changed, altered or amended unless 100% vote of all the Members has been obtained in a Special or Annual General Meeting.

2.2 The logo shall be represented by a bunch of red grapes with Redskins Golf inscription.

2.3 The colours of the golf shirt will be predominantly red.


3.1 Redskins is and shall continue to be a distinct and separate legal entity with the power to acquire, to hold and to alienate property of every description whatsoever and with the capacity to acquire rights and obligations and having perpetual succession.

3.2 Redskins is and shall be a juristic person and can act and be acted against in its own name in any legal proceedings by any person or persons delegated for such purposes by the Committee of Redskins from time to time.

3.3 The property and funds of Redskins vest in Redskins as a juristic person and no member of Redskins shall be liable for the debts of Redskins.


The objects of Redskins are and shall be :-

4.1 to administer, promote, foster and encourage the game of golf;

4.2 to hold and arrange matches, competitions and functions and fund raising of any nature necessary for the fulfillment of the objects of Redskins;

4.3 to arrange for, grant and contribute towards the provision of trophies, prizes, awards and distinctions;

4.4 to arrange or grant or distribute or award funds for charitable causes and/or welfare purposes and or to any charitable organisation or social welfare organisations / parties / entities or other bodies as Redskins may determine from time to time;

4.5 to arrange for and contribute towards the costs of holding of functions for the Members and their respective partners / spouses / immediate families;

4.6 to purchase, sell, hire, let or otherwise acquire or dispose of or deal with any property, movable or immovable, which may be required for the purposes of, or be capable of being used in connection with, any of the objects of Redskins;

4.7 to accumulate capital for any purpose of Redskins, either by capitalising unexpended income or otherwise, and to appropriate any of Redskins’s assets for specific purposes, either conditional or unconditional;

4.8 to subscribe, administer and invest the funds of Redskins in :-

4.8.1 any recognised banking, trust and other financial institution in the form of savings accounts and fixed deposits and other recognised instruments and in pension and growth funds;

4.8.2 the purchase of land, buildings, debentures, securities and all kinds and descriptions of movable and immovable property, with specific power to sell, lease, mortgage, dispose of, give in exchange, work, develop, build, improve, turn to account and deal with all or any part of the property and rights of Redskins, on any terms which may from time to time be deemed fit by the Committee.

4.9 subject to the provisions of paragraph 4.8 above to invest and deal with any monies of Redskins not immediately required for carrying on the business of Redskins, upon such securities and in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the Committee of Redskins, and to realise, vary, reinvest or otherwise deal with such securities;

4.10 to borrow, raise and secure the payment of money in such manner as the Committee may deem fit, and to pledge, mortgage or otherwise secure, for the repayment of such monies, all or any of the property and assets of Redskins;

4.11 to raise money by means of subscriptions, contributions, levies, entrance fees, tournament fees, gate money, hiring advertising space, hiring of club venues and/or grounds (if any), green fees, caddy fees etc. subject to the rules and regulations of Redskins at all times;

4.12 to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.


5.1 Members have no right in the property or other assets of the organization/Redskins solely by virtue of them being Members or office bearers.

5.2 The income and property of Redskins whencesoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objects, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever, to the members of Redskins: Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable remuneration to any officer or servant of Redskins or to any member thereof in return for any service actually rendered to Redskins.


6.1. The classes of membership shall be as follows:

6.1.1 Ordinary Members –

who shall be entitled to the privileges of Redskins and under such conditions as may be determined by the Committee of Redskins from time to time; and

6.1.2 Student Members -

who shall be entitled to the privileges of Redskins and under such conditions as may be determined by the Committee of Redskins from time to time. Student membership shall be restricted to bona fide students younger than 25 (twenty five). The Committee of Redskins shall in its own discretion decide whether applicants conform to this requirement and shall be entitled any time to request verification of such student status of any such member.

6.1.3 Honorary Members -

The Committee of Redskins shall have the power to elect Honorary Members. Such eligibility is, in terms of the rules of Redskins, granted by reason of such person holding some public office or in the discretion of the Committee being a bona fide candidate for membership and having conferred some special benefit upon or rendered special services to Redskins, or by resolution of the Committee of Redskins such person is allowed the privileges of membership while engaged in any match or competition.

Honorary members shall be entitled to the privileges of Redskins as may be determined by the Committee of Redskins from time to time, without payment of entrance fees and annual subscription –

The Committee shall determine and record the period of such Honorary membership.

At least two-thirds of the votes cast at such General Committee Meetings must be in favour of such nomination.

6.1.4 Life Members -

The Committee of Redskins shall have the power to recommend to any Annual or Special General Meeting the election of life members in recognition of exceptional and special services rendered to Redskins and who shall for their lifetime have the privileges of Redskins as may be determined by the Committee of Redskins from time to time, without payment of entrance fees or annual subscription.

At least two-thirds of the votes cast at such General Committee Meetings must be in favour of such nomination.

6.2 Members Re-Joining

The Committee shall have the power to re-admit to membership of Redskins, former members who for any reason have relinquished or have been deprived of their membership, on such terms and conditions as the Committee shall determine in each particular case from time to time subject however to the provisions of 6.3 below.

6.3 Application for Membership

6.3.1 Any person applying for membership shall be required to complete such membership application form as may be prescribed by the Committee from time to time. The application shall in all respects comply with the provisions of this Constitution.

6.3.2 The signed form of application for membership shall be a distinct acknowledgement by the Applicant that he agrees to be bound by the constitution and the rules of Redskins made from time to time.

6.3.3 The members shall be advised of / furnished with a list of names of such applicants together with the names of their proposers and seconders at least 60 (sixty) days before acceptance. Any member of good standing shall be entitled before the expiry of the said 60 (sixty) day period to lodge an objection to the election of any applicant for membership and to submit such objection together with the reasons therefor in writing to the Committee for consideration at its next meeting.

6.3.4 The Committee shall be entitled, but not obliged, to take into account any of the objections received.

6.3.5 The rights, duties and privileges of membership shall only become effective after the payment of the relevant entrance fee and/or annual subscription fee and after receipt of official notification of election/acceptance.

6.3.6 A candidate may be withdrawn from nomination by his proposer and seconder at any time before the meeting of the Committee to consider same.

6.3.7 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Committee shall have the right to refuse membership to any applicant without the necessity of giving any reason for the refusal in which event the proposer and seconder will receive notification from the Committee.

6.3.8 Rejected candidates shall not be entitled to seek election within 12 (twelve) months of date of the rejection. If, however, at any time after rejection of a candidate it should appear that he was rejected under a misapprehension or mistake as to identity, or owing to incorrect information having been given, the Committee shall have the power to reconsider his application forthwith.

6.3.9 Every candidate / Applicant shall be proposed by 1 (one) Member of Redskins and seconded by another, in writing.

Only a life Member, honorary member or ordinary Member who has been a Member of not less than 1 (one) calendar year, who shall be personally acquainted with the candidate / Applicant, may propose and second an Application. If a committee member proposes or seconds an application for membership that committee member shall be obliged to recuse himself/herself from voting on such applicant’s application for membership. Should a candidate, ineligible for any reason whatsoever, inadvertently be admitted as a member of any class, the Committee may declare his election void and shall give him notice to that effect and shall return any subscription and/or entrance fee paid. The Applicant / candidate shall be called upon / required to play 2 (two) games of golf with 2 (two) different Committee Members before Membership may be granted / approved. If at any time after the election of a member shall appear that he has been elected under a misrepresentation or mistake as to identity, owing to incorrect information having been given, the Committee shall have the power to cancel his election. The person whose election is thus cancelled in terms of this clause, shall thereupon cease to be a member of Redskins, shall have no claim whatsoever against Redskins for damages, return of entrance fee or subscription on any ground whatsoever, but the Committee shall be entitled to make such ex gratia refund of the entrance fee or subscription as it may consider appropriate.

6.4 The voting by the Committee on the election of an applicant shall be conducted in such manner as the Committee may determine from time to time. On election of a member of any class Redskins shall notify him and shall advise the member that a copy of the Constitution and Rules of Redskins is available, on request. The onus of obtaining the Constitution and the Rules of Redskins shall rest with the Member.

6.5 The Committee shall, at its discretion, be entitled to close and open from time to time the list of candidates for all classes of membership and if deemed necessary institute a waiting list.

6.6 The Committee shall have the right of its own accord or upon application from any member giving one month’s notice thereof, to transfer membership from one category to another. In effecting such transfer the Committee shall decide upon the subscription to be paid by such member.


7.1 The entrance fees for members of any class or category shall be such sum of R50,00 (fifty rand). The entrance fee may not be changed unless 100% vote of all the Members has been obtained in a Special or Annual General Meeting.

7.2 The annual subscription payable by members of any class or category shall be such sum as the Committee shall from time to time determine.

7.3 All entrance fees and subscriptions payable by Members shall become immediately due and payable on election/acceptance. Annual subscriptions shall be due and payable annually in advance by not later than the 31st March of each year.


Membership does not and shall not give to any member of any class, any right, title, interest, claim in and to any of the property or assets of Redskins, but only confers upon such members the right and privilege to partake and/or participate in Redskins’s golf tournaments, functions, competition matches, etc. subject to such charges and/or reasonable restrictions as the Committee may, from time to time, impose and subject to the Rules and Regulations of Redskins.

8.1 Only ordinary, honorary and life members who have discharged all their duties in terms of the Constitution shall be:-

8.1.1 entitled to speak and vote at an Annual General Meeting / Special General Meeting;

8.1.2 eligible to be elected as a member of the Committee of Redskins subject, however, that he has been a member of Redskins for an unbroken period of 2 (two) years;


9.1 A member may resign from Redskins on written notice provided that such notice is received by Redskins prior to the 1st March failing which such member shall be liable for payment of a further subscription for the ensuing year. Such member who resigns shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees or amounts paid in respect of any period after date of resignation.

9.2 All subscriptions shall be due on the 1st March. If a member fails to pay his subscriptions or levies, entrance fees, accounts with Redskins or otherwise, within one month after such date, the defaulter will cease to be a member of Redskins. No member shall be entitled to any of the privileges of Redskins if his subscription or otherwise is more than one month in arrears.

The Committee may however reinstate a defaulter on receipt of payment of all arrear subscriptions or other payment upon such conditions as the Committee may deem fit.

9.3 The Committee shall have the power to take such steps as it may deem fit against any member failing to comply with or contravening this Constitution, any of the Regulations and Rules of Redskins, any Resolutions adopted and rulings made by Redskins or its Committee, any contract entered into by Redskins, any competition established by Redskins, or the Rules of Golf and the Rules of the Golf Club where games / competitions are played from time to time; and the rules of amateur status as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and in general, to take such steps against any member, whose action, or lack of action in its sole opinion are / is detrimental to the best interests of Redskins and the game of golf.

9.3.1 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Constitution the Committee may delegate its powers in terms of this paragraph to a committee or tribunal or an ad hoc committee established from time to time who shall act for a specific purpose and for a specific period of time and may for this purpose, issue regulations regarding any matter which shall or may be prescribed in terms of this paragraph, including procedure to be observed in the conduct of hearings, rights of appeal and in general with regard to any other matter which it deems necessary or expedient to prescribe in order to achieve or promote the objects of this paragraph.

9.3.2 The term "such steps" shall specifically include (but not to the exclusion of any other measure), expulsion, suspension or the imposition of a monetary fine, the amount/s whereof shall be determined by the Committee from time to time.


10.1 The officials of Redskins shall be :-

10.2 The Committee

10.2.1 The Committee shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting and shall comprise of the Officials referred to above all of whom shall have been members of Redskins for at least 2 (two) consecutive years prior to their nomination / election.

10.2.2 The duties of each Committee member shall be decided by the Committee, which may be varied from time to time. (The duties of the Officials are set out in the Guide for Committee Members Duties annexed hereto marked "A")

10.2.3 Members of the Committee shall be nominated and elected by ballot at each Annual General Meeting, and shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting when they shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election.

Members may be nominated for more than one position / office subject that one Member of the Committee may not hold more than one position / office at any given time.

The officials shall be elected in the following order :- Chairman Vice-Chairman President Vice-President Captain Vice-Captain Handicap Chairman Treasurer Secretary

10.2.4 Candidates for election to the aforesaid offices shall be nominated in writing, signed by two ordinary or life members of Redskins (and countersigned by the nominee), which nominations shall be submitted to the Committee together with the names of the retiring members offering themselves for re-election before or on the date of the Annual General Meeting. Such nomination shall also be included in the Notice of the Annual General Meeting, if submitted on date of meeting.

10.2.5 The management and control of the property, funds and affairs of Redskins shall vest in the Committee.

10.3 All acts done by the Committee or its members in the bona fide execution of their duty shall be deemed to have been done by Redskins as a whole and the members of the Committee in their individual capacities shall incur no liabilities in respect of such acts.

10.4 Termination of the committee members/officials:

10.4.1 Each official shall hold office for a period of not more than 1 (one) year. Upon expiry of such period such Official/Member shall automatically retire from office but shall be eligible for nomination and re-election as an official of the club.

10.4.2 An official shall cease to hold office as such if:- he resigns his office by notice in writing to the Club; he is or becomes of unsound mind; he surrenders his Estate as insolvent or his Estate is sequestrated; he is convicted of an offence which involves dishonesty; he ceases to be a Member of the Club; on his death; he is absent from Executive meeting on 3 (three) consecutive occasions without just cause and/or reason.

11. The Chairman shall cause minutes of all meetings of the Club to be recorded in writing, including the minutes of Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings and Committee Meetings.

Once the Club has been registered as a Non-profitable Organization, it must:

11.1 reflect its registered status or registered number on all its documents;

11.2 keep accounting records and draw up financial statements and arrange for the accounting officer to prepare written report;

11.3 preserve its books of accounts supporting vouchers, membership records and financial records and all documents;

11.4 submit to the Director of non-profitable organization:-

11.4.1 a narrative of report in terms of Section 18 (1)(a);

11.4.2 details of any changes of its office bearers (Section 18(1)(b));

11.4.3 details of any changes of its address at which it will receive documents Section(1)(c);

11.4.5 details of any changes of its constitution or its name (Section 19).


The Committee shall, in addition to the powers specially conferred upon it by this Constitution, have the following powers:

12.1 to form or appoint sub-committees for special purposes and to delegate and vary powers to such sub-committees.

12.2 to decide all points of dispute and the Committee's ruling thereon to be final and binding;

12.3 to do all such other things as may be necessary for properly carrying out the objects of Redskins;

12.4 Charity Golf Events

12.4.1 the Committee may, in its sole discretion, determine the purpose for which the funds of Redskins including funds raised from Charity Golf Day or any fund raising event which may be arranged and/or organised by Redskins, may be used / distributed / awarded, in particular, but not limited to, as to the manner and form; and/or the amounts to be awarded / distributed / granted / donated and to which party / entity / charitable organisations or Welfare organisation shall such funds may be awarded / distributed / donated and/or granted;

12.4.2 the Committee shall make available for inspection any document, financial or other report (including all receipts and invoices / expenditure) to its Members to determine whether Redskins and/or the Committee are complying with the provisions of the Constitution, in particular whether the Committee is performing its duties and obligations in terms thereof. Any Member who wishes to inspect the books and accounts of Redskins shall give at least 7 (seven) days written notice of his intention to do so to the Committee whereafter the Committee shall make available such books and accounts, information, etc. within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of such notice;


12.5.1 any party, including any Member of Redskins, may in writing apply to the Committee for any award / grant / contribution / donation / assistance from the funds held by Redskins. Such Application shall be in the manner and/or form as may be prescribed by the Committee from time to time, properly completed, which shall include full reasons / motivation for any assistance / award / contribution / donation so applied for. The Committee shall consider such Application and in its sole discretion decide whether to approve or decline such Application, without being obliged to give any reason of its decision;

12.5.2 the Committee may call for and/or request further information it may deem necessary, in writing or otherwise, before any decision in respect thereof has been reached, including interviews with the Applicants or its representatives;

12.5.3 the Committee may take whatever reasonable steps to ensure that every Application will be properly assessed / considered as to its merits or otherwise and shall be entitled to make use of any expert and/or independent means / assistance it may require in assessing such Application/s;

12.6 the Committee shall also as far as is reasonably permissible and possible, give preference to the Applications submitted by its Members and will, if possible, take into account the wishes of the Members when considering such Application;

12.7 to institute, conduct, defend, compound or abandon any legal proceedings by and against Redskins, or its officers or otherwise concerning the affairs of Redskins; and also to compound and allow time for payment or satisfaction of any debts due, and of any claims or demands by or against Redskins;

12.8 to refer any claim or demand by or against Redskins to arbitration and to perform or refuse to perform the award;

12.9 to invest and deal with any moneys of Redskins not immediately required for the purposes of Redskins upon such securities and on such terms as it may think fit and from time to time to vary or realise such investments provided same is in accordance with the objects of Redskins.


13.1 The Committee shall endeavour to meet at least once every month and at all such other times as may be necessary for the transacting of business. At all Committee Meetings at least 5 (five) of the members shall form a quorum.

13.2 Any Committee Member who absents himself from three consecutive meetings without leave (provided such three meetings do not take place within less than 30 days) shall cease to be a member of the Committee. Redskins, on the instructions of the Chairman, or on the written request of at least 2 (two) committee members, shall convene a Committee Meeting.

13.3 Failing the presence of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman at Committee meetings the Committee shall elect its own Chairman. The Chairman, of any meeting shall have a casting as well as a deliberate vote. The Committee shall cause proper books of account to be kept, and shall keep proper minutes of all meetings of Redskins and of the Committee. The Committee shall record all resolutions and proceedings at meetings. Any such minutes, or an extract therefrom signed by the Chairman of the meeting in question shall be received as prima facie evidence of the matter stated in such minutes or extract.


14.1 The Annual General Meeting of Redskins shall be held as soon as possible after the end of the 1st February but not later than the 28th February in each year. A notice of the day, hour and business of the Annual General Meeting given to all members for at least 14 (fourteen) days previous to the meeting, shall be deemed to be sufficient notification to members.

14.2 40 (forty) members present shall constitute a quorum; should there be no quorum within 30 (thirty) minutes after the advertised time for the meeting, an adjournment shall be made for one week when the meeting shall be held at the same place and hour, regardless of the number of members who may be in attendance.

14.3 Procedure:

14.3.1 to read the notice convening the meeting;

14.3.2 to confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, and of any Special General Meeting;

14.3.3 to receive and consider the Annual Report by the Committee on the affairs of Redskins, together with a duly audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for the relevant year;

14.3.4 to elect any Officials of the Club proposed by the Committee or the Members;

14.3.5 to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman for the ensuing year;

14.3.6 to elect a President and Vice-President for the ensuing year;

14.3.7 to elect a Captain and Vice-Captain for the ensuing year;

14.3.8 to elect a Handicap Chairman for the ensuing year;

14.3.9 to elect a Treasurer for the ensuing year;

14.3.10 to elect a Secretary for the ensuing year;

14.3.11 to appoint an Auditor, if necessary;

14.3.12 to deal with any proposed resolution concerning the affairs of Redskins, of which due notice must have been given in writing to the Secretary at least 21 (twenty one) days before the date of the meeting.


15.1 A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee at any time.

15.2 In addition the Committee must call a Special General Meeting on receipt of a requisition signed by at least 40 (forty) members and such requisition must specify the object for which the meeting is desired.

15.3 The notice calling a Special General Meeting must state the object for which the meeting is called, and no other business may be transacted at that meeting. For any Special General Meeting at least 21 (twenty one) days' notice shall be given; the time and place shall be fixed by the Committee and a notice of meeting shall be given to every member.

15.4 A quorum shall be 40 (forty) members present; should there be no quorum within 15 (fifteen) minutes of the advertised time for a meeting, called by the Committee, the meeting shall be postponed to the same day and hour in the following week and at such adjournment meeting the members present shall be deemed to be a quorum. In the case of a Special General Meeting called by requisition of members, if no quorum be present, the meeting shall be dissolved.


16.1 The right to vote at General Meetings of Redskins shall be restricted to ordinary and life members.

16.2 Each ordinary and life member is entitled to 1 (one) vote. The Chairman, shall however have a casting vote in addition to his deliberate vote.

16.3 Voting shall be by a show of hands unless the Chairman decides otherwise in which event voting shall be by ballot of the members present and eligible to vote. Where any resolution requires a three fourths majority of members present, as contemplated herein elsewhere in this constitution voting shall be by ballot of the members present and eligible to vote.

16.4 In any ballot, two scrutineers shall be appointed by the Chairman, from amongst the members present.

16.5 No member shall be entitled to vote by proxy.

16.6 Any member in arrear with any payment due to Redskins shall be disqualified from voting and shall not be eligible to hold office in Redskins during the time such payment is in arrear.

16.7 The declaration of the result by the Chairman shall be conclusive.


17.1 A Register of Members shall be kept.

17.2 The Committee shall cause proper books to be kept in which a true and satisfactory account of all transactions shall be recorded.

17.3 All moneys received must be deposited to the credit of Redskins in a banking account and all disbursements must be effected as authorised by resolution of the Committee.

17.4 The books and accounts may be audited and certified by an auditor duly appointed at the Annual General Meeting if requested / if necessary, who shall have access to the same at all times. No member of the Committee shall be elected auditor.


Members may introduce visitors subject to the rules and regulations of Redskins. However, no person may be introduced by a member to Redskins on more than 1 (one) occasion in any one calendar month (excluding visitors who have applied for membership), and then only on payment of such visitor’s green fees as the Committee may from time to time determine.


19.1 Should any member, in the opinion of the Committee, commit any willful breach of the Constitution, rules and regulations of Redskins, or be guilty of improper, dishonest, unsportsmanlike or unseemly conduct, or of conduct unbecoming or which is prejudicial to the interests and reputation of Redskins or fail to pay monies due to Redskins after due notice, the Committee shall have the power :

19.1.1 to expel such member who shall be ineligible for re-election or;

19.1.2 to deprive such member of all or any rights, benefits and advantages of his membership during such time or period as the Committee in its absolute discretion may deem fit and advisable; or

19.1.3 to call upon such member in writing to resign and if he fails to resign within 7 (seven) days of the date of such request, to expel such member who shall be ineligible for re-election; or

19.1.4 to call upon such member to appear before the Committee to explain his conduct and should such member fail to appear to suspend or otherwise deal with such member as the Committee deems fit. At any such hearing the Committee shall determine the procedure to be adopted, but the Committee shall have the power to summon any member or any other person to appear before it to give evidence for or against such member and any such member shall have the power to cross-examine any such witnesses and shall have the power to tender the evidence of any member or any other person such member may deem fit.

19.2 For the purpose of considering the expulsion of a member, a quorum in excess of 75% (seventy five per centum) of the Committee shall be present. At least three- quarters of the votes of those present at such meeting must be in favour of the decision. It shall not be incumbent upon the Committee to state its reason for such expulsion, and no member shall have cause for action for alleged wrongful expulsion.

19.3 Any decision taken by the Committee shall be conveyed to such member.

19.4 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained, should any member not appear before the Committee as provided hereinabove, any decision made by the Committee in the member’s absence shall be valid and binding.

19.5 It is recorded that in the event of any member being suspended and/or expelled, such member shall cease to have any of the privileges as a member of Redskins.


Any member who is dealt with in terms of Rule 19 shall have the right, within 7 (seven) days after receipt of the Committee’s decision, to appeal against such decision to a Special General Meeting of members. The meeting shall be convened forthwith upon receipt by the Committee of such notice of appeal. The decision of the Committee shall be carried out and not suspended pending the hearing of the appeal.


All complaints or suggestions shall be made in writing and submitted to the Committee. The decision of the Committee shall be final.


The game of golf shall be played under the rules approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, and such bye-laws as may be framed from time to time by the Committee. Every member shall be bound by and submit to the Constitution, rules and regulations of Redskins.


The liability of members shall be limited to the amount of their annual subscription and other dues to Redskins arising out of their membership.


All actions or suits at law brought by or against Redskins shall be in the name of Redskins.


25.1 The Constitution of Redskins may not be altered, amended or added to except at a Special General Meeting of members called for this purpose on not less than 21 (twenty one) days' notice.

25.2 Any proposed alteration, amendment or addition shall be furnished to all members at least 21 (twenty one) days prior to such meeting. No resolution shall be passed unless adopted by not less than 75% of the votes cast by the members present and who are entitled to vote.


26.1 Neither the Redskins, nor the members or the members of the Committee shall be responsible or may be held liable for any loss, death, damage or injury including consequential losses, suffered by or caused to any person or property whether or not such loss, damage or injury is occasioned by any act or omission of Redskins, the members of the Committee or anyone else for whose actions they or any of them would be liable in law, or by reason of vis major, casus fortuitus, rain, lightening, theft or burglary or by any other cause of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising.

26.2 Each member of Redskins and/or dependants of such member shall, at all times, hold Redskins and all members of Redskins indemnified against and harmless from and shall in no manner whatsoever seek to hold any of them liable for any injury, loss, death or damage suffered by such member of Redskins as a result of personal injury or patrimonial loss arising directly or indirectly from the participation of any person in any match or practice or related activity or any other activity of or presence at Redskins or any of the members of Redskins whether or not such injury, death, loss or damage can be attributed directly or indirectly to negligence of whatsoever nature or degree on the part of Redskins, any Member of Redskins, and/or any of their officials, employees and/or agents.


27.1 Redskins may be dissolved by a Resolution passed at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose provided that such Resolution is passed by a majority of 75% of the members present and entitled to vote at such a meeting and such Resolution is confirmed at a Special General Meeting held not less than 30 (thirty) days thereafter by a majority vote of members entitled to be present and vote thereon.

27.1.1 The assets remaining after satisfaction of the liability / creditor shall be transferred to some other Club, Society or Association having objects similar to those of Redskins alternatively to charitable organisations as may be nominated by Redskins.

27.1.2 No member shall in any manner whatsoever derive any benefit from the said assets or proceeds other than those benefits which a member is entitled to in terms of this constitution.


28.1 In case of doubt as to the meaning or interpretation of any of this Constitution or the Rules and Regulations of Redskins, the Committee shall be the final arbiter and its decision shall be final and binding.

28.2 Where the context so requires singular words shall be deemed to import the plural and vice versa.

28.3 Any notice required in terms of this Constitution may be given by way of telefax, telephone, letter, sms or any other form of notice which Redskins and/or the Committee may decide from time to time at the last known address/cell phone number as furnished by the member/s.


The Committee may, at its sole discretion, formulate a system for handicapping all its members for club events, tournaments, games competitions from time to time.


The financial year of the organization/Redskins shall end on the 31st of December each year.

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  1. Check the web page to see what course you are the starter and DIARISE these dates.
  2. Contact Captain and find out:


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Oversees and co-ordinates the over-all running of the Redskins, the ultimate well being of the Redskins is the Chairman’s responsibility.
  3. Chairs all monthly meetings, SGM and AGM.
  4. Implements and upkeeps Redskins constitution.
  5. Ensures the smooth running and communication between all committee members.
  6. All Committee Members to communicate through the Chairman.
  7. All Committee Members to answer to Chairman.  


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Support chairman in all his duties.
  3. In the absence of the Chairman the Vice-Chairman will chair all committee meetings and AGM/SGM.
  4. Will assume all responsibilities of the Chairman in his absence.
  5. Report back and update Chairman, at earliest convenience, the outcome of all meetings.  


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Public relations officer of the Redskins.
  3. Co-ordinates and oversees all social gatherings i.e. Year-end function and monthly sponsors.
  4. Welcoming and screening of new members.
  5. Liasing with sponsors and sponsor requirements.  


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Support President in all his duties.
  3. Contribute extensively in the year-end function and monthly sponsors.
  4. Keep shirts and prizes and keep records of these items. 


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Book courses for the year.
  3. Negotiate with course best price.
  4. Set-out the competition format for the games.
  5. Liase with President/Vice for monthly sponsors and preference of sponsored courses.
  6. Ensure deposits are paid to courses, where necessary, Captain to liase with Treasurer.
  7. Set-up knockouts (singles and doubles) with timetable and ensure games are played timeously.
  8. Majors (club champs, chairman’s cup) to be booked and liased with Committee.
  9. Resolve golf rulings and any disputes that might arise in the game.  


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Support Captain in all his duties.
  3. Liase closely with Captain, especially with the knockouts.
  4. Update web page on knockout results. 


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Load individual results onto database/web page for order of merit.
  3. Randomly check that members have entered scores especially winners.
  4. Resolve any dispute pertaining to handicaps.  


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Balance monies from starters list.
  3. Verify all payments and cheques issued.
  4. Ensure all subs are paid timeously.
  5. Present balance sheets for the AGM.  


  1. Starter duties.
  2. Take minutes of all meetings and distribute said minutes.
  3. Write correspondence as decided by Committee.
  4. Keep previous records and update existing records.
  5. Upkeep of static information on web page.
  6. Keep record of all members contact numbers.

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