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Redskins Golf was founded in 1987.


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At an interesting game at Sun City between a four-ball consisting of some of our founder members, namely, Manny Carreira, Agostinho Isidoro, Luis Sardinha and Russel Baird. This match, which was being tightly fought during the autumn months of 1987.

Our contestants being "experienced" veterans at the art of golf were playing a tightly fought game where "SKINS" were the bet and a lot of pride at stake. With the gallery full and the tensions running high, Uncle Luis (L. Sardinha) needed to chip over the dreaded water and onto the green. This would pocket a couple of "carry-overs" and no doubt a bag full of pride.

Picture this folks, Uncle Luis steps back, adjusts his "RED" cap, squinting his eyes he can picture in his mind the ball flying in a perfect arc over the water, landing softly just short of the hole and releasing toward the hole, it was perfect. He steps forward and addresses the ball, silence reigns over the Kingdom of Sun City, his opponents bow their head as they get the feeling of a lightweight wallet in the making. The swing begins, it is smooth and has the class that only Uncle Luis knows how to perform, the silence is roaring in everyone's ears. The sweet sound of a perfectly connected shot, as the club meets the ball. At that instance the dreaded wind (of gale magnitudes according to Uncle Luis) picks up, throwing Uncle Luis off balance and in turn hanging onto the ball in mid air. What happens to the ball is of no consequence for our story, but that the wind has introduced new forces to Uncle Luis body and he staggers in that familiar gait that he has now perfected. This staggering sway causes his cap to fly off his head and into the water.

The sight of the bobbing "RED" cap and the "SKINS" bet was a sight that inspired Russel Baird to come up with the name that, today, we all wear proudly on our golf shirts. 


This will probably be the most disputed article ever to be published under the Redskins Golf banner, for the simple reason that it is NOT simple!

While our founding members accounting skills were on the increase at the time we were  sadly lacking any historians in our midst to record this earth shattering occurence, which became the formation of the best golf club in the country and probably the best golf club this side of the solar system.

Not only are we golfers but we are Portuguese golfers and that, my friends, adds passion and love to the greatest game on earth. From early humble beginnings to a club with an excess of 140 members twenty years down the line, we have never lost focus that we are GOLFERS firstmost. Our passion and love for this wonderful sport is what has kept us together as a family and has entrenched a kinmanship of pride in every single member who wears our shirt every Tuesday.

I cannot publish this article as a factual history of how we emerged from nothingness, but over the last 4 years I have spent hours speaking to many of our founding members. Going through archived newspaper articles and on more occasions than I care to recall got inebriated and forgot all that was discussed the night before and ended up having to ask the same questions all over again. In all my interviews with our founding members, the one factor that has always stood out has been their passion and respect for their fellow golfer and their endless love for their fellow human being. So much so that today, one of REDSKINS GOLF proudest tradition is our charitable attitude towards those in need.

In the mid-eighties we had several small entities of golfers playing in various social games, with no real consistency or much organisation. They would play in fundraisers or social gatherings and even organised golf trips to Sun City. In September 1987 a convergence of these various groups began forming. Probably the most influential member and founder to join the various groups together was Fuzz da Silva. His initiative, vision and humility brought all these "superpowers" to sit around a table. A convention was assembled at Pure and Cool Roadhouse, on Tuesday 8 September 1987, where Manny Carreira hosted some of our most distinguished founders:

  • Manny Anjinho
  • Russel Baird
  • John Cardoso
  • Manny Carreira
  • Tulio Coelho
  • John da Canha
  • Fuzz da Silva
  • Zeca dos Santos
  • Agostinho Isidoro
  • Tony Jardim
  • Martin Lopes
  • Luis Sardinha
  • Alan Teixeira

These stalwarts together formed a committee that would give birth to a generation of golfers and these golfers would evolve and protect our family by means of a constitution which today is deeply entrenched in our club. Even the "red note" (R50) joining fee still stands today. Our emblem, a bunch of red grapes and our name has been proudly displayed on our shirts for 21 years. Redskins Golf first AGM was held in December 1987 at Parreirinha Restaurant and our first Committee was elected:

  • Manny Carreira              Chairman
  • Joe Fernandes              President
  • Fuzz da Silva                 Vice President/ Treasurer/ Secretary
  • Tony Jardim                 Captain
  • Johny Cardoso              Vice Captain

We salute you all and may God Bless our Club.